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Thank you for visiting Geoffrey C. Smith Galleries for this Virtual Gallery Walk.

We are happy you are here to enjoy this week's online exhibition.

Please explore the rest of the site to see more and learn about Geoffrey.

Original Oil Paintings

This is the logo for the artist Geoffrey C Smith, it shows a silhouette of his leaping sailfish.

 Geoffrey has dedicated his life to connecting people to nature through art. 

He started at a young age carving duck decoys and after much success discovered bronze artistry and the intricate ‘lost-wax casting’ process for creating his sculptures. From small, life-like animal creations to monumental sculptures, Geoffrey’s art captures moments in time that tell the stories of his explorations on the water and in the woods. 


His paintings, sculptures, and photography evoke a sense of seeing nature in action. He is a member of the prestigious Society of Animal Artists.

Geoffrey's bronze sculptures have been presented to Pope Francis at The Vatican, President George H. Bush, Vice-President Dan Quayle, state officials and foreign dignitaries.

Geoffrey is a strong advocate for educating the world about environmental protection. He is an active board member with the Audubon Society and was chosen by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as Florida's official sculptor for "excellence in capturing the beauty of Florida's wildlife and in appreciation for outstanding artistic contributions to Florida's wildlife resources."

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