Custom Commissions

Have you ever wanted a hammerhead shark in your dining room or a falcon soaring at your local school? Geoffrey C. Smith can make your ideas come to life in bronze or stainless steel. Any idea big or small can transform from sketches to a beautiful sculpture.


Smith has created commission works for several states, counties, and cities across the country. Most notable of these is the 19’ Stuart Sailfish which has become the iconic symbol of the City of Stuart, Florida. Smith’s experience working on private, corporate, and publicly commissioned art projects has given him a unique understanding of both the artistic sensibilities and the practical applications of monumental sculptures in public places. 

All of the sculptures have a steel armature inside giving them the strength to stand the test of time. The larger ones, like the Stuart Sailfish, have certified welds on their engineered steel armatures. 

Email or call us to make an appointment with Geoffrey or to contact us with any questions.