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Artist Blog - Mother Ocean Abstract Sculpture

Dear Friend,

Don't forget to stop into the gallery to view our collection of work. Included in our collection is a beautiful abstract sculpture titled "Mother Ocean."

famous artist Geoffrey Smith standing on a stool next to his abstract bronze sculpture Mother Ocean circle hook representing the ocean

Geoffrey Smith Working at Foundry on Monumental "Mother Ocean".

3 smaller Mother Ocean Circle Hook bronze sculptures by Geoffrey Smith

"Mother Ocean"

Height: 7.5"



large bronze sculpture by Geoffrey Smith depicting an abstract art to represent the ocean installed outdoors

This rare abstract piece designed by Geoffrey embodies the versatility he possesses as a sculptor. Not limited merely to realism, the unconventional elements in the design of this piece give you a peek into his creative capabilities. Mother Ocean is unique not only in its design, but also in that it embodies the hybridization of the naturalistic with that of the transcendent. Soaring into the sky, a flawlessly crafted whale tail erupts from the sturdy base consisting of a uniquely crafted circle hook, inspired by the design of the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand. The voluptuous nature of the design holds connotations of femininity and fertility, while the patina, with its pastel hues of blue, slate grey and frothy white, are reminiscent of the churning sea. To the Maori, whales symbolize protection and harmony, while the circle hook is representative of strength, prosperity, and provision. Therefore, Mother Ocean embodies the marriage of delicate beauty with intimidating strength.

Happy New Year!

- Geoffrey

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