Artist Geoffrey Smith Sculpting a panther in clay.
Photo of Wildlife Artist Geoffrey C Smith.


     "I don't just create art, I am compelled to tell the story of the wild. To inspire a connection to nature and the environment that you can hold forever in oil or bronze".

      - Geoffrey C. Smith

For more than 40 years world-famous naturalist, sculptor, painter and photographer Geoffrey C. Smith has been inspired to create award-winning artwork that depicts the immense diversity of wildlife with striking realism, deep emotion and a sense you are witnessing nature in action.

A lifetime of immersion in nature has developed Geoffrey's instincts for capturing not only the physical features of his subjects, but also their unique personalities. Geoffrey says his artistic goal is “to pay homage to the beauty in our environment and inspire people to get out on the water, get out in the woods. Create a personal connection to nature and a lifelong stewardship of our environment.”

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"We Can Use Peace," President Trump Says After Exchanging Gifts With Pope

-NPR 2017

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Photo credit NPR&AP
Bronze monument "The Stuart Saifish" sculpture located in Stuart, FL by Artist Geoffrey C Smith.
Public Art &
Private Commissions

Art transcends time.


Public art brings people together.


A masterpiece from Geoffrey can serve as a timeless landmark for your community or elevate a corporate brand.

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