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"Art is important. It was man's first form of lasting communication.  I am compelled to tell the story of the wild- to connect people to nature and the environment through Art".

      - Geoffrey C. Smith

For over 40 years, World-Renowned Naturalist, Sculptor, Painter, & Photographer, Geoffrey C. Smith has been inspired to create award-winning artwork depicting the vast diversity of wildlife with striking realism, deep emotion, and a sense of unfolding action.

About the Artist

A lifetime of being immersed in nature allows Smith to capture not only the physical features of his subjects but their personality. His goal is to “pay homage to the beauty in our environment” and also to “inspire a desire to get out on the water, get out in the woods” and to create a “personal connection” in hopes that it “leads to lifelong stewardship”. Click on the photo to experience a portfolio of his works. 

"We Can Use Peace,' President Trump Says After Exchanging Gifts With Pope"

-NPR 2017

Photo credit NPR&AP
Public Art 
& Commissions

Art transcends time and politics. Public art brings people together and lends to the branding of communities and companies.

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Open Tuesday - Sunday and by appointment

Artist Studio & 7000Ft Gallery

4545 SE Dixie Hwy.

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