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Pintail ducks standing in the water.


Starting off his career carving wooden decoy ducks, Mr. Geoffrey C. Smith continues the tradition of sculpting birds and other waterfowl, now sculpted in clay and cast in bronze using the ancient “Lost Wax” technique. As early as 6 years old, his father took him duck hunting, solidifying the importance of protecting wildlife and ecosystems as the duck hunters they interacted with were part of Ducks Unlimited, a wetland conservationist program. Mr. Geoffrey continues these traditions and ideas in his current work, using his sculptures to teach people the importance of ecosystem conservation. He states, “We only protect the things we care about, and we only care about things we learn about”. Continuing his childhood traditions, Mr. Geoffrey continues to sculpt ducks, his most notable being the 40th-Anniversary “Modern Pintail Pair” cast in bronze. The Pintail (Anas acuta) is commonly found throughout North America and Eurasia. This graceful duck is known for their distinctive silhouette. The drake with its long tail and the hen with her long neck.

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