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Artist Blog - Lionfish Art

Artist Geoffrey Smith using heat and elements to create the patina on his beautiful bronze sculpture.
Using Heat As A Catalyst with Different Elements to Create The Patina

bronze Lionfish sculpture by famous artist Geoffrey Smith depicting beautiful Lionfish art on a coral reef

Lionfish Art. Renowned for its beauty, this fish has also made a name for itself as a dangerous invasive species. Geoffrey and his kids used to dive off of Palm Beach and have observed, filmed, and captured many of these fish.

Lionfish are native to the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, but they can be found along the coast from Florida to North Carolina as an invasive species. Due to their status as a top predator in coral reef environments, their invasiveness in the Atlantic Ocean is a danger to our oceans. In other words, they will eat anything that fits in their mouth and have no natural predators. Some conservationists recommend trapping Lionfish if you see one, but watch out for their spines if you do. While not fatal to humans, they deliver a venomous sting that can make your next few hours to weeks extremely unpleasant.

According to the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, "The Lionfish was first seen in the waters of South Florida as long ago as 1985 and were considered to be an established invasive species by 2000. Its predation within native fish communities has damaged biodiversity and coral reef recovery throughout the Atlantic ocean. Four marine sanctuaries, in particular, have been impacted by the presence of lionfish."

The Lionfish sculpture serves as a symbol of the sea, and generates awareness to the threat that these fish pose to our delicate ecosystems. Please e-mail or contact us by phone for more information on this sculpture.

Please visit my YouTube Channel to view our short films that feature our outdoor adventures that serve as the inspiration for our sculptures.

If you'd like to see some of my Lionfish art, click here:

Be well, be loved.



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